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A product must have the following features when a fire breaks out:
A carbonized layer is generated to stop fire from spreading
There shall not be any melted globules.
The globule is that a substance melts under the heat.
When in contact with fire and the melted substance drips onto something else below and starts a second source of fire. For home decoration fabrics, work clothing worn in a high temperature environment and fire suits, fire retarding yarns made of mostly Acrylic / Rayon / Nomex are used.
A carbonized layer is generated on the surface of acrylic when it is subject to fire and there are melted globules. Rayon and Nomex are different from acrylic. However, they are required in large quantity and the price can be overwhelming high.
With safety in mind, we have launched the brand new fire retardant membrane, the Vulcan. Vulcan has passed the fire and smoke tests under BS5852 :1997. It is used as easily as a surface treatment on typically affordable fabrics. Therefore, the daunting price as seen in the materials above is not an issue for Vulcan.
The following is a film showing that a sample of Vulcan applied on a piece of fabric is put under the flame of a blow torch. The following are the test parameters:
❖ Blow torch: temperature is as high as 800-1000℃.
❖ Fabric: 100% POLYESTER 150D*300D with Vulcan attached
❖ Distance: 10cm
❖ Duration: the burn time was 90 seconds. However, it was decided to burn it through as in a real-life fire.
Please watch the film.
Remark: the latest version of BS5852 is ver. 2003.
However, ver. 1997 was still selected for the test since ver. 2003 contains tests for electronics and other materials other than fabrics used for home furniture and work clothing.